I-spy quilt - Help Needed

Hey friends, I saw down below there was a crafter making an I spy quilt back in April. Anyone else currently making one? I’m looking for more cotton woven squares (5in) and would like to trade some. I’m making two quilts for sisters so I need 160 total different squares. I have 103 so far. :joy::sob::joy::sob::joy:

I’ve exhausted Joann, Walmart and hobby lobby in my area. Lol. I’m about to hit up the quilting shops but my wallet is hurting!

Can also give you a lot of grosgrain ribbon in trade. Some shabby flowers for hair bows. Tiny house quilt blocks (5.5 by 7). Crazy nine patch quilt blocks (10.5 in squares)



Hi @Juliep. Just FYI, I’ve altered the title of your post in the hopes of getting you some notice and help :smile:

I can swap some. I just finished a quilt top for my grand nephew and have left over 5 inchers. Plus random other kiddie leftovers.
PM me and we will swap goodies.


Awesome. Will do as soon as the children are squared away

I can swap some. PM me. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for fabric for a kid or adult quilt? Do you have a specific color palette, or does anything go? I’m not a quilter, but I have lots of woven cotton fabric.

@Juliep, how old are the girls? What about squares from the same fabric, but with different scenes - would you be interested in that?