I want this sweater

I usually don’t knit anything bigger than a mitten or hat, but I love this sweater and don’t really want to try to guess what size, wait forever, and then be disappointed because it is really rather crappily made. Projecting other disappointments here.

Anyone seen a pattern like this? or close enough to modify?


No, but now I want one too.


you could try some sweater weight knit fabric and sew it. something like these: https://www.moodfabrics.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=sweater - they have a nice selection but you can probably find something local at your fabric store. It looks like a pretty simple pattern.


OOO pretty, good idea. I’m a slow knitter. But fast sewer.

It’s a lovely cardi! A version could also be cobbled together (franken-style?), possibly from a couple of other similarly hued sweaters. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


I’ve seen that sweater and you are right…most of them are thin and made very poorly with bad sizing.

I would try finding two similar sweaters maybe at a thrift store and putting them together…two oversized men sweaters might work because then you have more play for the overlap.


Thank you, all these suggestions are getting my brain turning ideas around.

I’ve seen that ad too - I also want one but I am not a knitter.

Making it from two sweaters seems doable. Altered Couture magazine shows a lot of projects like this, though it’s recommended to construct the item using a surger for best results which I know is not something everyone has access to (it’s why I haven’t made any of their projects :sweat_smile:).


The knit fabric looks slightly fulled. If you go the frankensweater route look for wool sweaters that are a bit too large and full the fabric to get that lovely look.


Piling on to the others - 2 lightweight cardigans with good seems you can rip out- and put together.

I can’t wait to see what you make! I love this knit designer, though. She makes a lot of great sweaters with negative east. And always does interesting stuff with the sleeves.

Oh, so this is another of those ”shady company steals picture from real designer for their ads, sends low budget knock off that kind of look like the picture”?

Do you have the name of the designer? I love fun knitwear design!

Okay, when I saw the photo, the styling, the colors, and the photography reminded me of Isabella Kraemer. But I went through her pieces and it’s not her.


But, the second designer I considered was alpha knits, 3-in-1, because of the sleeve attachment. The faux layering is so intriguing!

Finally, I just did a reverse image search. The designer is named ‘almond’, and she used a knitting machine. I’m virtually positive the colors are off, as it’s in blues, but the undershirt is the same, as are all the photos (click the small photos on the page and it opens up)

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That is a really cute sweater and I agree, easily made from other fulled sweaters. Looks like a simple pattern to draft, even that back pleat (vent? Gusset?) is fairly basic. Our local fabric land has knits on the bolt but the mister just went through his sweaters from last year & have me the holey ones to play with… hmm…

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Sounds fun. I should raid my cedar chest.

That sweater is gorgeous!

Did you give it a moment? Initially it appears to be a defunct website, but then it resolves as it translates from Polish to English.

I get


You don’t have permission to access this resource.

Technically, that’s a 403, not 404. My bad

Aha! it’s a problem on my kindle tablet, but comes up fine on my laptop. must be a browser incompatibility.

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