Ice Skater Cross Stitch and Tea Cabinet

My January tea cabinet is full of winter goodness. I stitched this little skater years ago. She fits right in.

The entire cabinet


she is super cute and I love the drawer thing to the left of her.

She is so charming. So free and happy! Love her and love the fact you have a seasonal cabinet.

I also love that you have a seasonal cabinet. I’d love to do this, but I have a petty cat that would knock everything down. While he’s be quite happy to do that, I’d hate to have anything broken. Maybe one day I’ll find a good display cabinet with a glass front. That might keep him out.

She’s very cute and what a charming cabinet! :slight_smile:

I love her. She was the first thing that stood out to me.

Very cute, love seeing the changes to your tea cabinet.

The ta cabinet looks amazing, and the cute ice skater is adorable! Great job

She’s adorable and I love seeing what you do with your tea cabinet each season!

Oh this is really cute!! I did figure skating for a few years and still love going ice skating once in awhile. And your winter cabinet is cute and has such fun stuff in it.

The ice skater is so cute and the wintery tea cabinet is super awesome as well!

I always love your little cupboard pictures for each season/month!

She’s adorable. I love your cabinet and that you change it up throughout the year.