Ihme gym shorts

I’m using up the “good stuff” and making things I will wear or use. I bought this meter of fabric a few years ago at Tomato in Nippori. I haven’t been able to find any mention of it anywhere else… but it so fabulous. If you look closely, you can see in that graphic, there are animals hiding!!!

I used the same Purl Soho gym shorts pattern but modified it to make the crotch depth a little longer and the legs too… I’m tall and my current work out has put a little junk on my trunk (woot!)

I was a little too generous with the waist elastic, so I’ll need to go back and tighten it up some but overall, really pleased with the results!

Laid out on the floor:

Me wearing them:


These are AWESOME and the print is so dang cool.

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Love the print and the style shorts you made with it!

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Love the style and love the print! I too belong to the imtootallineedalongcrotch crew


FABULOUS! That fabric is great and they look great on you!

And when it comes to working out, I’m also on team “Modest is Hottest” - coz ain’t NOBODY wants to see all my jiggly stuff … :crazy_face:

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:rofl: I need the extra leg length for riding a bike too!!

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Those are rad!

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These are amazing. I’m sure having an awesome print fabric like that makes you more inspired to put them on and work out. So lovely!

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