Illusion quilt is finally finished

Yes you’re right on the tag, thanks for catching that. I hadn’t noticed that I had the wrong one

Congrats! Your Illusion Quilt is one of this week’s featured projects! Yahoo!

Neato! Thanks

Thanks for the tip on outlining with black! It sure does frame each special piece of fabric.

I am trying to decide on a pattern for my collection of Hawaiian prints…the black might be too dark for them…hmmm…maybe a dark green?

You do such a lovely job…and you are super fast in making them!!

This is one of my favorites…

That’s absolutely amazing. 7.5 hours? You’re a genius wizard!

Hot damn! This is so cool! I love the “shadows” and LOVE the borders! This is a real treasure.

Just gorgeous!

Making one of these has been on my bucket list for a little bit now. This came out GORgeous!

I’ve been wanting to make one of these. I love the illusion of the shadows and the large sizes of the fabric samples. Like you said, a great way to highlight some favorite fabrics. It’s a beautiful quilt!

Thank you. It is actually an easy quilt to make. And lovely to use special fabrics

Edel, that is really beautiful. Such a great design and use of fabrics!