Imperial desk-star

There are plenty of patterns for crocheted and knitted Death Stars, but I ended up doing my own thing for this little Deth Star desk stuffy I made for the Ongoing Wish Swap:

I saw ”Star Wars” and the death star among the wishes and that plus office supplies somehow translated into the need of creating a desk star. Yeah… It’s best to just go with the flow when that happens.

Anyhow, I looked at a few patterns but they were either too big and detailed or too small and simple. I had to improvise.

I mean, it’s pretty much a sphere, right? So I used this pattern as a starting point and then kind of winged it:

The pattern is made for thicker yarn so I needed more rows knitted plain before starting to decrease again. In retrospect I could have knitted a couple more rows. I think this is 8 or 9 instead of 6 rows between increasing and decreasing.

I have no in progress pictures, but since the increases and decreases are done the way they are it looks almost like knitting a cube before stuffing it. I used a sock yarn with a bit of varigation and then duplicate stitched the trench with a darker grey yarn after stuffing it. The disc is crocheted and has some added bling :sparkles:

To give it a bit of weight there’s a glass marble hidden in the stuffing.

All in all a fun knit. It was knitted on high tech Carbonz needles. A joy to work with, and fitting the scifi theme.


This was one of my favorites in that swap! You sure met the theme for @jemimah’s husband’s BD wish!


It’s so cool!! Mr jemimah was absolutely delighted with his Desk Star. He will be using it as a training and motivational aid for his team :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This is really cool! What an impressive winging it job!

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Haha. I love this! Everything came together perfectly.