Improvised Moses Basket for 8" baby doll


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I have a file! For each kid actually. So cute at the time but now? Mortifying, lol. Girl would never talk to me again if I told you anything.

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Mortifying=perfection. lol

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When Jim & I got married, we asked his niece Megan, who was 5 years old at the time, to be our flower girl. Even though she had been allowed to eat TONS of the favors (boxes containing a famous Swiss fudge made in NH, and homemade caramels from Jim’s mom), she kept asking if she could have wedding cake. She just stood in front of the cake, staring at it. I know there’s a pic of her staring at the cake somewhere, but I can’t find it. So here she is looking out the window with her baby brother…

And here’s the cake she was lusting after…

There were 3 flavors, and we opted to not have it stacked, so it was really a table full of multiple cakes for her to try. What I didn’t know until the day after our wedding, when I was informed by my maid of honor Alison, is that in staring at the cakes for so long, Megan had sneezed all over them. Alison said she had been the only one around to see or notice it, and didn’t know what to do. Ruin the wedding by announcing it? Or just pretend it didn’t happen, and no one would ever know? She chose the latter.
Then she handed Megan another box of fudge & caramels, and plopped her down far from the cakes to eat it.

Megan is now 19, and a junior in college. I. Can’t. Wait. Till. Her. Wedding…


:cheese: :teddy_bear: :yarn: Congratulations! Your adorable Moses Basket is a Featured Project this week! :yarn: :teddy_bear: :cheese:

This is hilarious!

Thanks for my feature! Wee! :cupcake:

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The basket is awesome, such a great gift for your daughter

Thank you!

This basket came out so cute and is the perfect way for Feta to travel in style! I’m impressed that you are able to crochet while feet are flying all around - extra points to you!

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Thank you! Yes, I’m often among “hazards” on my yarn courses haha. It’s like golf, but with more sitting and flailing. :slight_smile:

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Helpful hint for you moms of multiple kids: just plop a moses basket on your umbrella stroller for easy maneuvering when on the town. :upside_down_face:


Hahaha…genius! :smile:

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