In Case of Emergency

Made this for a friend for her birthday this year. Just an shadow box, a few quick Cricut vinyl letters & her favorite candies. :slight_smile:


This is an adorable idea. Love how quick a project, yet how totally personal it is.

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What fun! Such a great idea.

Pez!!! What a cute gift!

I love this so much!

Cute! Does it count as an “emergency” if someone just REALLy wants some PEZ?

Since I gifted it to her, they have opened & refilled it various times. :rofl: They can’t resist.


Haha! Life is certainly full of emergent situations!

I love this simple but clever idea! I’ve had it on my to-make list for various family members for a while now.

I need this but full of licorice please!

This is awesome!

I’m with you, I love licorice!

Love it! How do you open this? Don’t you need to smash the window? (Or is it plastic?)

Amazing idea and so fun!! :slight_smile:

I need one of these!

I could see a smaller one with a PEZ dispenser in it :thinking:


OMG – love this! so cute - what a great idea!

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I made a similar gift for Christmas this year. Mine was a bit darker, lol, but you know…the recipient laguhed and laughed and laughed, so it was worth it! lol.

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Love this!

These “emergency” pictures are awesome I think, because you can fill them with whatever the receiver likes the most :smiley:

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