In Need of Some Granny Square Advice

Hello all. Last year I signed up for the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave’ em to Save 'em program to help spread the word about rare breed fiber animals. (You can learn more about it here).
In the Facebook group for the program I saw someone post that they’re making squares for each breed and I really liked that idea and decided to do the same. The problem I’m having is I’m not sure what size square to use. I live in artist housing and would like to display the finished blanket out in the hallway when it’s eventually complete. There’s 24 breeds total. 12" squares would create a very large blanket more suited to a bed than display on a wall. But I worry that 6" squares won’t give enough space to really show off the yarn. I just finished spinning up my first rare breed wool this past weekend, so I want to start picking out squares.

Does anyone have any advice on what size square might be best? Or if anyone has any tips on displaying blankets in general that would be helpful.

This is really cool!

Could you group them in smaller collections maybe (by animal type or color or something) and do a series of wall hangings side by side? Like, 6 “framed” 4 block pieces or something? I’ll think more on this but wanted to share what popped into my mind first.


The best thing about granny squares, is that you can make them any size you want. You can add or remove rounds, or switch up your hook size, to get the right size for you. It’s also going to depend on the finished weight of your spun yarn. Are you spinning up lace weight, or worsted, or bulky? That will determine your hook size, and then you’d have to do a few sample swatches to figure out exactly how many rounds, with what size hook gives you the best finished size square.

If you want a single wall hanging size blanket for the hallway, I’d try 7" or 8" as your goal. If you did a grid of 6 squares x 4 squares that would be 42" x 28" or 48" x 32", And of course you could hang it either vertical or horizontal, depending on the size and length of your hanging wall.


This is the first yarn made from the rare breed wool. (this is Leicester Longwool) I’m not 100% sure what it would count as weight wise.

But so far most of my yarns spun on my e-spinner have come out similar.


Beautiful and squishy! I’ve got a Hog Island wool connection in Maryland if you end up needing one. It’s a lovely farm within a free national park, if you’re hankering for a road trip, or they will ship it to you as well.


The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of breaking it up into two smaller blankets. It’ll be easier to display and also I won’t have to wait as long to have something to show for my efforts.

Edit oops, I meant to reply to the thread itself, not a specific person.