It's sooo fluffyyyyyyy! 🦄

Hi you crafty bunch!

So, today I have for you the snuggliest cosiest softest dressing gown ever made! Cuddle fleece is THE best, lol.

I had meant to make this before Xmas so I could snuggle on Xmas morning with a Baileys coffee, with Rosie in a matching jumper, buuuuut I ran entirely out of time, and out of fabric which is why it’s a little shorter than I had hoped, and why Rosie doesn’t have her matching jumper! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I did buy her a Xmas jumper though so at least she matches in colour!

“BARK BARK BARK!! Dis MY photo shoot, not yours stoopid hooman!!”

So, after my usual trawl through my huge stash of patterns (paper and pdf of course) to find a dressing gown or robe I liked, I printed one and then changed my mind, printed another and stuck half of it together… then changed my mind again, mostly issues with sizing as those ones didn’t quite go up to my size so I was going to have adjust it a fair bit (including potentially an FBA), and I was at this point in another rush, but this time to make it in time to take on a Spa Break with my bestie :massage_woman: :smiley:

So I went on a hunt to find something more suitable (e.g. easier for me, lol), and came across the Compose Robe pattern from Love Notions which thankfully fit the bill perfectly as it went up to my size, AND had a full bust option so I didn’t have to make any amendments, wahay!!

Suffice to say I love it, I got it made in time for the Spa Break, and am of course still currently wearing it, with my pjs, even though it’s nearly midday. And whilst Rosie doesn’t have her own matching jumper, it’s so snuggly that she’s been snuggling with me more which is defo a win win for me. :dog: :grin:

Oh and the ‘plush cuddle fleece fabric’ was from my fave fabric store Minerva.

I’m pleased to say that my lovely MiL got me vouchers for there for Xmas in fact so I’ll be very soon putting in a large order for more fabric, mu ha ha ha. Cos obviously now I have a dedicated spare room just for storing my fabric, other craft supplies, stock of doggie collars etc, I have to make sure it’s as jampacked full as our old house was, rofl.

Anyways, hope you like! :tiger:
Loops xx


Adorable, as always!


Looks great!


Nice robe! Cute dog, too.


There is nothing like a cozy robe. I have had mine (store bought) for years and I love it. Yours looks so comfy! I bet it your friend was jealous on spa day.
PS. You and Rosie both look fantastic!


Oooh, that robe looks so cushy! Red is a good color for you, too!

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That looks so cozy and comfy! It seems like putting it off was the right way to go as the robe seems just right for all the reasons now! I agree that this red really looks nice on you, too.

The fact that it encourages more snuggles from Rosie makes it practically perfect in every way. She looks adorable in her coordinating jumper (as she does all the dang time) and her sweet face in that last photo makes her sass in the 3rd photo totally forgotten and forgiven.


The sass photo is my favorite. The pile of her toys in the background Is further evidence for her claim that it is, indeed, her photo shoot! :rofl:

I saw the preview photo, and my first thought was honestly, “That is going to be so cozy for Rosie to cuddle up to!” And I was not disappointed. :grin: This is going to be a highlight in pulling out your winter clothes each year…though I think I would wear it all year!

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As I typed that and this I am on the sofa snuggled under a new-ish faux fur throw with Delia. I am getting a similar benefit from this throw as @Loop-da-Loop is getting from her dressing gown!



Very nice and a perfect cozy, winter print! This looks perfect to pop into the dryer on a cold day, so you can take it out and bask in the extra, toasty warmth! I can feel the cozy vibes all the way over here!

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That is amazing!
It looks so good on you and so comfy!
And the color is beautiful.
You did an awesome job.

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That fabric looks great. I enjoy your posts so much!

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@MightyMitochondria Awww gosh :relaxed: oh hold on, you did mean me and not Rosie didn’t you? :wink:

@gozer Do you know what I didn’t get much chance to wear it in the end, just in the morning whilst my friend was out for a [crazy] early morning run! Despite being a nice relaxing Spa Break, when we weren’t in the actual Spa everything seemed to be such a rush, that night I thought I’d lost my wallet the first evening so that erased our relaxation, panic set in, put a freeze on my cards, ringing around the spa and security, that made us late to our evening meal booking, stress stress stress :exploding_head:… and then wouldn’t you know it I found it in my bl**dy spa/gym bag when we got back (clearly the cocktails gave me some kind of second sight!)… it had slipped into a pocket I didn’t know existed (I swear I emptied the whole bag so I just don’t know…)!! Aaaaanyways… I digress… lol, at least we had another morning in the Spa after that kerfuffle, and a nice treatment to look forward to!

@Bunny1kenobi Oooh it is, yet again I’m sat in it and I don’t want to get dressed gone midday because it’s so snuggly!! If my supermarket delivery wasn’t due in an hour, I’d probably just stay in it all day tbh :wink:

@calluna Oh you can count on me wearing it all year long, well ok it miiiight be a bit too warm for summer, but the rest of the year! :wink:

@TheMistressT She does constantly go between sass and super cute, you can’t ever be grumpy with her! I like to remind her that the day we adopted her we got her the softest snuggliest [expensive] new bed, and when we got her home she proceeded to rip it up into tiny pieces… and now she’d kill for that bed!!! Awwww look at Delia snuggling, just adorable :heart_eyes:

@AudiobookLover And now I need to put a dryer onto my ‘WANT’ list!! Until then I think I might store it in the airing cupboard with the boiler so it’s warm ready for when I need it :grin:

@madebyBeaG Aww dankjewel! :grin:

@Cindy Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats! Your dressing gown is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome! :tada:

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Loops! How did I miss your post?! So good to see you are still sewing up a storm.

My mom gifted me a very similar project, but I find the open sleeves annoying and have been considering using the hemmed cuff, or adding a channel at the wrists to slide in some elastic.

But agree - perfect with some Bailey’s!

@kittykill Whoooo, I love being awesome!!

Oh yes, I’m always sewing! :wink: Next up is a skirt I made before Xmas but forgot to post, and I’m currently making a lovely (I hope) cape/coat/cloak, then some non-summer shorts, lol, so lots to come!!

I know what you mean, I tend to prefer sleeves that are a little closer because without fail I always roll up my sleeves and it’s hard to do that with wide sleeves, but I didn’t even think of changing it, lol!!

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I have always hated 3/4 sleeves - like, what are you doing? you’re not long, you’re not short. you can’t make up your mind? ugh. - but my friend has one or two “house cardis” that have 3/4ish length because she can wash her hands or whatever, and they never get wet or in the way.

So I have one I also call my House Cardi! just for puttering!

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