Jack the Ripper hair bow

I’ve been thinking I’d like some hair bows that are more “grown up”. Being a fan of unsolved mysteries, I made this with Jack the Ripper in mind. The blood-splashed text on the ribbon is reminiscent of both his letters to the police and the sensational press that the case received at the time. The skull is pretty self explanatory I think. :wink: Also, just FYI - it is very challenging to photograph the back of one’s own head. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cool hair bow! I’m not into skulls much, but this looks fun!

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Thanks!! :blush:

how cute and creative and positively creepy! i love it.

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I really like it!

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Thanks guys!

I did not know he wrote letters to the police! Today forensics would pin down the suspect from that in no time at all. Funny how he still hasn’t been figured out. I mean, not exactly funny but you know. Inspiring blood spattered hair bows to this day!

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Yes, I believe he (or maybe she?) was the first killer to write letters. Some were to the police, and some to the newspaper.

There weren’t too many serial killers historically before him. I suspect that people who had those predilections were often able to use war as an outlet. Or they were aristocracy, like Elizabeth Bathory, and therefore pretty much above suspicion.

I love it! Super cool.

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