Jackalope Hoop

I made this for @Bugaboo in the recent cryptid swap. I found an illustration online that was cute then I traced it from my computer screen onto the striped fabric. I enjoyed making this piece and it came together really quickly once I’d settled on an idea.

I even like how the striped fabric wrapped around like some kind of strange phenomenon. :grin:


Oh wow! This is great! What a mischievous little face.

It’s lovely!

so great! And the back finish is chef’s kiss

I love that expression and your needle work is beautiful. I love the striped fabric for the background. It add a touch of oomph!

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So cute! And such beautiful stem stitches!

I love it!!! So much detail in person!

Very pretty! Your stitching is perfect and the striped background is a fun way to switch things up!

I can get lost in those perfect stitches. :star_struck:

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Love the stitching!

Beautiful stitching and a fantastic color scheme!

Well done and I love that you did it on the multicolored fabric. It just adds a little extra pizazz! Lovely.