Japanese house

This makes miniature #4 for me. I’m waiting on the postman to bring me a new one to do. I’m slightly obsessed.

This was not the most difficult one, I’ve done. Took about ten hours, I’d say. Some tiny elements, like the cushions which had to be sewn and stuffed, and the sushi were very very very tiny. This time I used tacky glue and gel-superglue-, which made things much easier. I only stuck the fingers of my gloves together about a dozen times rather than 50. I’m in love with the tiny shoes

Bottle of hand sanitizer (how appropriate) for scale.

The set so far, lit up, I’m still waiting on the correct batteries for the kitchen.


You are killing me with these. I love all of them.

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I love this! The teeny sushi, shoes, and lantern make me squeeeee…!

Love your finished miniature scenes. Everything is so tiny…I have nothing but admiration for your patience and perseverance!

Love them all! The tiny lanterns :heart_eyes:

I’m loving these. I love Japanese inspired things so I’d do a whole bunch of those rooms. I just need to expand my room so I have room for things, lol.

Well that’s just adorable.


Look at all the tiny cuteness! I’m overwhelmed by adorable.

So dang tiny! Such sweet and cute details! In that last pic, your first one is looking almost HUGE! And suddenly I’m kind of wanting a reading chair the size of a refrigerator.

Thank you all, I really don’t feel like I can take much credit, I’m simply following instructions-even if some of it is very fiddly.

It’s kinda like a 3D Jigsaw that makes my inner moppet very happy. I never had a dolls house when I was a kid and always wanted one. I guess I’m making up for it now.

A reading chair the size of a fridge wouldn’t that be something!!

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Oh my gosh, so adorable!!!

Wow! So great :grinning:
It reminds me so much of Japan :heart::white_heart:

Do you buy these as kits online @Edel?

Tiny fish lanterns!! :green_heart:

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Yes, I bought this one on AliExpress and there are different kinds. If you do a search for Japanese dollhouse you will get a page of different kinds including this one. I think I paid about 22e for this one.

That is very cool. I don’t know how you make all those tiny things look so good.

Gosh… it’s so cute, love the tiny slippers, sushis and the little rolled up bamboo curtains. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I just follow the instructions-pictures, because the written instructions are in Chinese. But Google lens helps out where the pictures aren’t clear.

Congrats!Your Japanese House is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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