Jute star for holiday joy with mini tut

I made this jute star for the ornament swap, the theme was stars/holly and I was able to combine the two into one sweet star.

I printed out a star shape and used toothpicks stuck in a piece of foam at each inner and outer point. Using slightly watered down Elmer’s glue or any white glue, I saturated the jute, and then removed most the glue with my fingers. This is messy work. Tip: pre-measure the amount of jute you need. I used 5 rounds of jute for the star.

I then wrapped it in and out of the star shape for 5 layers. I made a loop to hang an ornament on as well. Then I let it dry for over a day. I added the ornament, wrapped it in wax paper to protect it and then wrapped the second star with more gluey jute.

The holly was made the same way. I then added the holly and some beads. I want to make more of these in different sizes and with different jute or yarn or string.


It is very pretty. I love the splash of red.

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This is lovely! And the red definitely makes it pop.

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This is very pretty and i love the ornament inside. Thanks for the how-to!

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This is so fun and original! Thanks for the tute!

That is a cool technique!

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Pretty nifty…thanks for sharing how you crafted it :slight_smile:

It is lovely!

What a cool idea! It does sound messy, but its appearance doesn’t give any hint of that.

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