Kitty Cat Favor Bag / Gift Card Holder

Our niece has a birthday coming up - she’ll be 15, so right into The Gift Card Years. Sigh. Well, it’s way more fun to give a gift card if it’s wrapped up a bit more specially.

They have an orange cat called Chowder so this is supposed to be him.

He’s not so sure about that cat on her card!


I used my Cricut Explore to cut files that were free from Dreaming Tree.


Haha! Love it!

That’s perfect…er, purr-fect!

Thanks, pals!

So cute! Makes a gift card so fun.


Googly eyes make everything better.

Googlies do make everything better, it’s true! That rainbow puking cat is pretty awesome too.

That are the exact words I said to myself as I was putting them on. Probably out loud.

It is so perfect for her! The inside says, “You’re so awesome it’s gross!” :laughing:

Bah ha ha! That is the best! :rainbow::scream_cat: