Laptop sleeve-KISS

it is well know that I am a huge KISS fan. When my mom was pregnant with me she asked my brothers what to name me and they agreed on Beth because it was their favorite song. It came out in ‘76 and I was born in ‘77. I got to see KISS in concert in October and they still got it!
Imagine my delight when I found this fabric at joann’s! I decided to upgrade my laptop sleeve
I’ve never sewn a curved zipper before and I was not a fan but I made it!

Like a glove

Lined with purple felt


Now you’re ready to laptop all night and every day!


How perfect for you! Great job!

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AWWW YEAH! You want the best? You made the best!

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How did I miss this?

HOW FUN IS THIS!!!?? I can see why you were delighted to find this fabric!

PS Beth is my favorite KISS song, too!

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