Laser cutting first project

First experience using a laser cutter. I had about an hour to try it out. I imported one of my own designs that I had previously made to cut on Cameo.

First material: corrugated cardboard.
The file has 3 layers so after some trial and error I was able to get one layer to cut through completely (windows and door), one to engrave (letters), and one to cut through the corrugated part but leave the paper (fold line).

Here is the inside. You can see the letters do not show, and the paper at the hinge is intact.

The fold is holding together with one layer of paper.

That was fun. Then I tried cardstock. Turned off the score line completely for this one, and cut the letters through. I’m curious how to reduce the burnt look of the cut edges.

Anyone have experience cutting paper with a laser cutter?


These are so cute! I look forward to seeing what craftiness you get up to adding a lazer cutter to your tools!

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@TheMistressT I work in a small school and it’s really interesting to see the cross curricular appeal, and our areas of interest, for the laser cutter. The IT guy wants to work with wood; I, the librarian and makerspace facilitator–but not during Covid, want to do paper; our building maintenance guy wants to make leather wallets; the science teacher because it’s a LASER, the art teacher who has no idea what she wants to make, but she wants to try it all.


That’s awesome! I want one, lol. Those vinyl cuttery things baffle me but this makes objects and that I would love to play with. Fun!

Your one layer paper hinge? Get outta here! Too cool for school.

@Magpie We were very pleased with our little selves.

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