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I loved being with my granddaughters for a week, but sure was glad to get back to the sedated life of my weaving. I had this plaid in my head all week long so quickly warped up the Flip using Peaches & Cream yarn and wove these kitchen towels.

The weft on the first towel is the same as the warp. The 2nd towel uses a ‘clasped weft’ method.

The green is a scarf and the first time I tried using 2 heddles on the rigid heddle loom. It is a Diamond Twill. I switched out weft yarns after the first 10" to a heavier yarn. The green was the only one I had enough quantity of. It wasn’t my first color choice. It didn’t turn out too bad.

All of these still need to be wet finished. They’ll shrink up a bit and the weave become tighter.


Fantastic. The towels will be a cheerful addition to your kitchen, and the scarf certainly looks warm. The scarf has an interesting pattern.

So wonderful! I love the vintage feel of red, white and blue.

Those turned out so beautifully.

My monitor shows purple and pink, no green. How funny is that?!

LOL!! The warp is black & red and the weft is olive green! Wow! Purple & pink! Could this be the new right brain/left brain challenge???

That first towel makes me think of summer picnics :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You made it with Peaches & cream YARN? :flushed: How…? what the… !!! ???

These are great. I’m always in awe of weavers.

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The scarf is gorgeous, I love the pattern you used!

Count me in for purple, pink and white :joy:

lol so does mine…what green? :smiley:

These are lovely!

no matter the color, it’s a pretty scarf!

Weaving intrigues me…and your latest loom projects are wonderful. Love the uniformity of the first kitchen towel, but the 2nd clasped weft method towel is lovely too! And yeah, pink and purple is what’s on my screen as well :smiley:

So very beautiful, love what you have created. The scarf colors sound odd, but they do work.

I’m not in love with the colors, definitely not my first choice but I didn’t have any other yarn that was heavier than the warp on the loom. It was a matter of going with what I had or losing the warp. I think I might like it better once I wet finish it. Can’t have a win every time!!