Lavender Paper Pocket

I should have come home today and worked but instead I made this lavender themed pocket to put in my tea cabinet. The final product.

The bits and pieces

The pocket


That is very pretty! I love all the different shapes and how they come together.

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What a neat addition to your tea cabinet!

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It’s so pretty! And PERFECT for your tea cabinet!

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How pretty! and yeah, should have doesn’t always happen XD but it does look really nice so in the end you got something

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So lovely! The soft vintage colours are gorgeous!

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Soft and feminine. I love the vintage feel of this.

Very pretty! Did you use a paper pack or did you stamp all of the images? I love how beautifully all of the pieces coordinate. And, this may be a dumb question, but is a tea cabinet just a cabinet that you keep your teas in? :wink: If so, I love that you put art inside!

It’s so pretty! I bet it looks lovely in your cabinet.

I have a tea cabinet that I decorate each month. It has tea, teapots and cups and then all sorts of little items. I usually stitch something for it each month.

That is so neat, and adorable!

That’s so cute! Did you make it up or use a pattern or other inspiration? Wow, this would make a really cool quick little video tutorial. I miss those… :kissing_heart: