Layered bird tin

This is a quick, fun little laser cut project. Design in Fusion 360, cut on a Full Spectrum laser, glued into a generic mint tin.

I painted one version but kept the other plain plywood.


Very cool!

Oh, so fun! What a difference between the painted vs not. I can’t decide which I like better.

These are really cool! Showing us the plain and the painted really help show just how versatile this design is.

I go back and forth over which I like better too. :blush:

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These are so pretty. If the bird was red in the second one it would look very Christmas. The second one looks like the Sierra to me because of the (lack) of color. Cool to see the difference.


Cute and fun!!

So pretty! And clever, too!

This is really cute - in both versions!!

Wow! These are just lovely!

So pretty! I love them both–great idea.

This is such a fun and unique idea!