LC grab bag swap

I was inspired by the list of previous swaps on c’ster and thought a Grab Bag type swap would be fun. My idea is this, we craft two random items starting with the initials of Lettuce Craft, L & C. Then we send them at random. Or we could do one crafted and one bought item. Any thoughts? We could use different letters. Suggestions would be appreciated!


that sounds cool!
I used to run the Spell My Name swap along the same lines – swappers either crafted or bought an item for each letter of the partner’s name (we also did an Initials version with just 3 items, which really reminds me of how this swap will wind up being)
It was amazing how creative swappers were for all 10+ rounds of that one!

I really like the twist you’ve thought of, where we will send randomly – an element of surprise & suspense! :partying_face:


I like this idea!

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Please explain what you mean by … then we send them at random?

I like the idea for this kind of swap.


You will just get an address and send. No questionnaires, it just has to start with an L and C. This will be kind of like the 4x6 swap where you make it ahead of time.


Got it! I’d be interested.

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I will probably start sign-ups around June 1st, so that people can get their other swaps completed. I will give it a decent 3 week signup time since that is also your crafting time. Does this sound good? Also, remember, if you’re planning on joining, you could start crafting your items now. Two smalls, One each starting with L & C. You can get creative with that.


I like it! Count me in!

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