LC Midwest Meetup 2023 - Champaign, IL

That game was really fun! I might get it for myself one of these days. Would def play again!

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Yeah totally agree, it was easy to learn and fun to play together!

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I loved how truly crafting themed it was. They nailed the ins and outs of yarn crafting.


I also have a copy of Arch Ravels if we wanted to have multiple games going at once!


On my way home from the Y this morning, I stopped at Pandamonium Donuts, which is just around the corner from our new house. I was thinking of ordering some of their tasty treats for the Meetup, since they’re a local spot that makes everything completely from scratch. Vanilla Glaze with Rainbow Sprinkles, Cereal Killer, and Chocolate Sprinkles are part of their regular menu. Creme Brûlée and Blueberry (lower right) are some of the rotating flavors.

Their flavor of the month is Strawberry Rose, which just happens to be vegan too. According to the nice young lady working there, they have at least 1 vegan flavor every day, though it’s not always listed on the order-ahead option online, and the flavors rotate.

I did try the Strawberry Rose, and it was lovely! So was the Maple Praline… And the Peanut Butter Cup… I’d show you a pic of those, but DH & I have already decimated them. There’s just partials left. :joy:


They look amazing!!

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I think some of us (myself included) would love to settle on a date sooner than later so we can request time off if needed. Vote on what dates are best for you and we’ll see how this shakes out at this point…:smiley:

What dates work best for you to join the 2023 Meetup?
  • June 30 - July 2
  • July 7 - 9
  • July 21 - 23
  • July 28 - 30
  • Aug 11 - 13
  • Aug 18 - 20

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I can make any of these work, but picked my arbitrary faves. Thanks for getting this going!

Same here. The only one I’d prefer not to do is the weekend right before the 4th because traffic in/out of the city would be extra crazy and likely add 1-2 hours for me each way.


I also don’t travel over holiday weekends…it is too dangerous and crowded!

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@MistressJennie Do you have hotel suggestions?

FYI Everyone, I made a list of people who I believe are interested in attending. (Going just by who has commented in the thread.) A few people have just made random comments but not expressed a specific interest in attending, so I have a question mark beside those names.

Speak of the devil! I was actually working on that as I feed the little Miss her lunch.


I just talked to my sister…she wants to see you and your baby! We are thinking of making this a sister trip…she likes to craft as well. It would be nice to be in a hotel close to everyone since we will have an SUV for transportation!

Aww, sister trip! I loved meeting your sis, and would love for her to join us this time.

As for hotels, I’ve just added a list of the closest ones to the 2nd post of this thread. I’ve never stayed in any of them myself, so I can’t give a first hand opinion. @endymion, have you ever heard anything (good or bad) from friends or family about any of the ones I listed? We did stay at the Hampton Inn Southwest when we visited back in October, and it was immaculately clean. I didn’t have it on the list because it’s 4 miles/8 minutes away, on the very edge of town, not near much stuff, but I can add it if people want me to.

There are of course lots more hotels in the area. I just listed the ones closest to our new home. I’m wondering if the Hotel Royer will be open by the time of the Meetup. My husband & I got married there in 2007, when it was the “Historic Lincoln Hotel”. It was badly in need of renovation back then, and has changed hands a bunch of times, each new owner vowing to reopen the actually historic location. Each time it’s fallen through, but now Hilton has bought it and is renovating to make it one of their boutique hotels. It was going to open at the end of 2022, but supply chain issues pushed that back. Now it’s scheduled for early this year.

Here’s what it looked like when it was built in the 1920’s… (what used to be the front is now the back, with a 1960’s mall built off of it).

Here’s what it looked like a couple years after Jim & I got married…

Here’s a rendering of what they are trying to do to it…

It’s further away (5 miles/12 minutes), but the mall on the back is home to The Idea Store, the craft thrift store. And the Farmer’s Market is held there every Saturday.

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I would really love to come to a meetup, and me and my hubby talked about it, but it can’t be this year’s one sadly as we’ve already got two holidays planned. We’re definitely up for another trip to US if the timing works out, so maybe next year or 2025 :smile: I hope you all have a fabulous time!


Def just following along, alas - my vacation time this year is already earmarked. But i want to enjoy the fun as you all plan! :slight_smile:


My husband just told me he may be joining a friend for Ragbraix in August. I think that means I need a trip of my own😆


Also in that mall: Common Ground Food Co-op (groceries, including vegan options) and Art Coop, a fun art supply store.


I am just happening across this, and would love to make the trek out! But, I will be heading to Iceland and Greenland from 6/30-7/15, and I have a training to attend (during the week, I think) at some point in August (hopefully the 7th & 8th). So, if I can get there when you solidify a date- hooray!