Let’s Stitch Along to the End of Time!

I know what I’m going to do, I…just…need…time.

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I am working on my entry! I look forward to a solo holiday tomorrow, lots of embroidery time & only interruption is a quick trip out to pick up Christmas dinner - soup dumplings from a favorite restaurant!


Man, I’m at my brother’s house, and I forgot to bring my embroidery supplies.
I’ll have to interact with relatives instead. :frowning:


Oooooh no :open_mouth:

My Christmas is much the same as @Camelama . Mr Imma is working today and I’m watching films, listening to music, reading books and crafting. A perfect Christmas if you ask me! Everyone feels sorry for me but I don’t mind at all.

This is what I’m stitching for the SAL:

I just want to bake and watch Christmas movies!


I am really enjoying the no-stress holiday! The cats & I will open presents soon. I just had waffles for breakfast & am slowly drinking a pot of tea while stitching.


Here’s my finished piece for December!

From Cross Stitcher magazine. I want to finish into a wall hanging before next Christmas.


There’s my holiday philosophy in a nutshell! :joy:

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Epic pieces you guys! Awesome for the season.

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When we lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was always thrilled to see snow on Mauna Kea while hibiscus bloomed and tangerines were ripe for picking. In the winter!


Beautiful! As always. You’ve lived in and visited so many places!

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So super cool!

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Gorgeous! I’m really enjoying your different state pieces.

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Big thanks to everyone who helped make this craft along one of the best of 2021!


Everyone’s December stitches are fantastic! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you @kittykill for making this craftalong so inspiring :sparkling_heart: I hope I’ll be able to join in more in 2022!


Yay!! Thank you for your tireless support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I havent posted anything for this, but I will try in the next year! And its been nice to see all the great work, and read the posts! Thanks for holding this craftalong!

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I ended up losing my stitching mojo & did not finish my December piece. Oh well! Life happens. :wink:

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I’m loving this stitchalong, thanks for making it happen!
In the new year, can we remove the 2020 from the title? Just Stitchalong to the End of Time seems more…modern? and 2020 wasn’t a really great year…


I think that is a great idea!
I will try to get the new theme up today…a little hint.,.words. :thinking:


Thank you!