Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies 2020!

Oh my gosh, those badges are the coolest. The First Pandemic badge made me LOL. @PrincessP chooses the perfect color combinations for her badges.


Oh they look so great there!

I love designing these patches because I learn something new about the software or process every time :grinning: I was trying to think of something cool to come up with around weaving, and then I think I might have been in the shower when the idea of weaving magic came to me :smile:

Weaving magic

weave (one’s) magic

To use one’s unique talents or charm to obtain a desired thing or outcome.

If that’s not you on a loom @photojenn, I don’t know what is! x


This. This right here has to happen.


I think this is a future swap theme.


We’ll dance with the devil under the pale moonlight.


I received from @Pigeon and @Magpie! There were so many little bits I had to group them to best photograph.

Pigeon made a small, Altoid tin vignette of a dreamy reading scene. I want to fall into it, for sure:

She also made a handscripted card (I hid my name), a book mark (again, reading!), a small gathered pouch with a keyring name flare (mostly hidden because if has my name), a tiger eye shard, and a small button pouch with an enclosed ATC. The ATC had a quote about grey (the best color!)

‘Grey is the brightest color there is. That’s why you can’t see it’

Pigeon sent me back some needle felting of my own - a 3D mermaid! I just love her intensely colored hair paired with her vibrant tail and shell bra. Siren of the sea, indeed! Magpie also gifted The Sideshow Twins she bought from Nodsu from Craftster years ago. All the needle felted ladies!

Then Pigeon went bananas and stitched up the very best organic hoop! Seed, French knots, running, looped, basketweave, and so many more! All the stitches, and all the colors! This little hoop is PACKED with stitching happiness!

Finally, on Discord, I admired the scrappy bits made by @MightyMitochondria, and Magpie was sweet enough to share some of the bits. Magpie also sent this REALLY cool display charm, so I can rotate out which piece I want to wear. Uber classy, amiright? It also made me think of @Abbeeroad, as she is such a huge fan of wearable art.

Thank you to both Pigeon and Magpie for a truly wonderful package, which all fit in one compact notebox! Y’all were so generous with your gifts. Thank you for being such a great swap buddy! All the rocker fists! \m/


Omg yes! @MightyMitochondria where did you get the charm?!

And what an awesome haul from @Pigeon!! That hoop! :heart_eyes:

Oh, sorry! My comment wasn’t very clear, so I went back to update my post. Magpie was the one who sent the charm - she said it’s from Aliexpress.


She loves that you like what she sent! She worked for so dang long on that embroidery, it seemed like days, then a rest followed by more days, repeat repeat repeat. You can see how she improved her knots with all the practice!
The little bottle was originally glued down on it’s base in the tin if you decide to reattach it.

That charm took some finding. Michaels used to carry them so I knew just what I wanted but couldn’t find them there or anywhere else except here.


I really love the subtle yin-yang of the hoop. And all the types of stitches and colors are so lovely. Please let her know how much I love it!

For anyone who wants to know, the charm feels really substantial, and snaps close.

10/10 would recommend!

Ah! Thank you! I probably read too fast. I do that.

Awesome find @Magpie!!

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I received the most amazing Harry Potter themed TM patches from @EriChanHime in a personal swap. Check these out!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

All of the different techniques are amazing! And I can’t believe I got a Ron sweater :heart::yellow_heart:

Thank you so much @EriChanHime xxx


So much HP happiness here! And TM patches are some of my favorite things I’ve swapped!

@EriChanHime your patches are so refined!! I love them!


Personal swap-a-palooza coming right up!

I’ve been so lucky to do personal swaps with so many wonderful LCers this year, I’m so grateful for it.

Today my mailbox exploded with goodness from the other side of the world! :grinning:

From @MightyMitochondria this amazing garden themed prayer flag and Harry Potter TM patch. My garden looks like it contains as many shades of green right now, this is perfect! :herb::green_heart::seedling:
And the TM patch is ‘Diffindo’ - a charm used to precisely and accurately cut something, how perfect! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much xx

Next up, from @CraftsUntold a Crookshanks TM patch :grinning: how cool is this?! If I remember correctly, this was CraftsUntold’s first TM patch, what an awesome job!!

Thank you very much :pray:t2:

From the extremely talented @tendstowardschaos … this amazing zippered pouch! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Pouches and bags are always on the top of my wishlist. I sew myself, so I appreciate it SO much to receive something sewn for me. Check out the free motion quilting on this beauty!

Thank you so much!! x

And last but not least this fantastic gardening prayer flag from @wittychild :seedling::green_heart::seedling::herb: thank you SO much! I love the little flowers you attached :slight_smile: xx


Wowser! Your mailbox exploded with craftiness!

Glad you like it! Yes, that was the first TM square I have done.


Nearly two months later…I forgot to take pictures before I sent, so it was a surprise for everyone. :rofl:
Thank you for swapping with me and enduring the inanity that is Canada Post!


My amazing merit badges arrived from @PrincessP on the very day that we were told that our school is returning to remote teaching. Oh, the irony! But seriously, these beautiful badges are exactly what I needed to lift my spirits today. I sent a picture of the remote learning badge to my work bestie. He is now very jealous. The snark of adult merit badges fit him perfectly. :smile:

Thank you PrincessP!


I’m so sorry to hear you’re going back to remote :sob:

How funny that our swap almost arrived on exactly the same day!

wow–I missed so many lovely goodies in this thread! But, so very happy to see them all because I see the best of what you each do and send to each other and it makes my heart happy!

Love all the patches, the embroideries, the weavings, the art, and…all of it!

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