Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies 2020!

@susieoregon the garland is beautiful! And all the color changes! With the singular blue! I see the one with just a trim of peach on yellow, as well. And little baby acorns! Squee! Really great work, SO!


Oh, wow! The leaf garland from @susieoregon and the sewing machine cover you made are both absolutely lovely!!! Being able to tuck the cover under the machine to use the pockets while sewing is wonderfully clever, and I love all the color changes worked into the crocheted leaves. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I got a surprise from @edel!

Happy mail unexpected but greatly appreciated! To be honest, I think she was cleaning out her house since she was moving and wanted to destash…ha ha ha…I don’t mind at all…so many goodies and I was having serious jealousy vibes over her hand printed Valentines…I love using the prints to make notebook covers…I have ideas already for them!


And look at these ATCS for my collection! One would have done it, but she sent 4!

Tea with cake…lol…I have been watching a lot of Brit Box and Acorn TV…this struck me as just so funny!


Wow! So many goodies! What a treat to find in your mailbox! Also…happy birthday!! :tada::birthday::partying_face::balloon:

What a special surprise! Happy birthday! :cake:

Happy Birthday! I didn’t know, so that was a happy accident.

Not destashing yet, that will come when I get all my craftroom properly packed. But one house contents will be fully moved, as of an hours time. Happy days!

Just have to pack the other one now. :wink:


What a fun thing to find in your mail! Happy birthday to you!!!

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Look what arrived. @AIMR bought me some fabric on Etsy, that I completely love (and is impossible to find any more) I was so excited to open this. And then I found even more vintagey fabric, :grin::grin: and one of her wonderful crocheted hearts. Plus a sewing thing (whatever it’s called!)

Thank you so much XXX


It is aptly named Purple Thang! lol

I swear everyone in the world had those sheets…I keep finding pieces of it in boxes as I unpack…I got all I could of the mushroom fabric…I hope somewhere it still exists…it is fun and fabulous…I know you will have a heart section in your home always, so any time I can, I will send a heart…

Happy Mail!


I love seeing that you got your mushroom fabric. That original thread still makes me so happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I remember your hunt for this fabric! I love you have more, now!!

YES, my sister had those sheets when we were kids.

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