Lettuce Show Off Our Personal Swap Goodies!

Glad you like it! Yes, that was the first TM square I have done.


Nearly two months later…I forgot to take pictures before I sent, so it was a surprise for everyone. :rofl:
Thank you for swapping with me and enduring the inanity that is Canada Post!


My amazing merit badges arrived from @PrincessP on the very day that we were told that our school is returning to remote teaching. Oh, the irony! But seriously, these beautiful badges are exactly what I needed to lift my spirits today. I sent a picture of the remote learning badge to my work bestie. He is now very jealous. The snark of adult merit badges fit him perfectly. :smile:

Thank you PrincessP!


I’m so sorry to hear you’re going back to remote :sob:

How funny that our swap almost arrived on exactly the same day!

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wow–I missed so many lovely goodies in this thread! But, so very happy to see them all because I see the best of what you each do and send to each other and it makes my heart happy!

Love all the patches, the embroideries, the weavings, the art, and…all of it!


As many of you know, my furbaby Mia crossed the Rainbow Bridge suddenly in June. While in my heart, I know her “end of days” was coming sometime in the next year or two, I was not expecting it to come when and how it did. Mia was my first furbaby (well, we had one for a year before her but had to give him away after her seriously bit my son), but she had been my baby for about 9 years. Saturday would have been her Gotcha Day. I had never lost a pet before, but now I really truly know what that feels like and the hole it leaves in one’s heart.

@harlan graciously accepted my request to do a personal swap, and made me the most amazing needle felted portrait of my sweet girl. I love that in version, she is her younger self!

Harlan asked me lots of questions and I sent her a ton of pictures. She really nailed it! When I saw my box today, I said, “Mia’s home!” When I opened it up and held this version of her, I just kissed her nose and cried ugly tears.

I have my baby back!

She’s the perfect size to hang out with me anywhere in the the house. And I can pet her again.

My heart is so full of gratitude to you, Harlan. Thank you so much. Truly.

Harlan had also asked me to share what I had sent to her. We agreed that I would make her these fabric wrapped bowls.


The doggie is so sweet! And your fabric bowls are beautiful.


It was a pleasure!! :smiley: Doing a portrait is always an interesting project. There is only so much detail you can capture in fiber on such a small scale, but fiber also lends itself well to displaying some of the character.

The fabric bowls have been in constant use since they arrived!! They are both useful and beautiful!!


I’m not crying


Oh good! I’m so glad someone was up to the challenge. :heart:


Harlan, your work is truly sublime. I know how much time and effort goes into each of your felted creations. But to have recreated a sweet little doggo, it just makes my heart squeeze. Thank you for being so generous with your talent.


Since I can only put one like-heart on your post, here are the rest I would like to add.


No, but I am!! :dog2:


I’m not crying either! WAH!!! :sob:


Zazzles approves!


This is the kindest, most precious, thoughtful gift. :heart:


@Edel and I did a personal swap for Harry Potter ornaments, and I received from her today! Oh my gosh Edel, you have made some of my most wanted Christmas ornaments, how did you know?!

First thing I opened made me squeal :grinning::grinning::grinning: how amazing is this Bowtruckle?? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Next was this super realistic Weasley family clock :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Third I opened the flying key that Harry caught in the Philosopher’s Stone :hugs::hugs::hugs:

And last, oh. my. goodness., my biggest wish! A Ron sweater!!! With it’s own teeny tiny coat hanger :smile::smile::smile:

Thank you @Edel, so much!
This is my first year having a Harry Potter Christmas tree, and I have a feeling it’s going to be the best Harry Potter tree in the Southern Hemisphere :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Eeep! I got so excited by the ornaments I forgot to take a picture of the prayer flag that @Edel also sent me :see_no_evil: My rapidly growing collection made by LCers just bring me so much joy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, I’m so glad you got your wished-for Ron sweater ornament! All of those are so so so cool!


Aren’t they just :heart_eyes:

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Wonderful ornaments!! :slight_smile: