Life's a wear it and display it!

One of the things my Fill A Box partner likes is nautical themes, so I went that direction, but not entirely.

First, I found a small clipboard for photos and a cool charm for jewelry. I repurposed the charm by adding it to the clipboard with E6000 glue for a fun beachy embellishment.

I also found a cool wave charm, so I hung it on a chain for a simple necklace. I placed it in a previously made envelope that reminds me of waves.


Love that little, fancy clipboard!


Wow, I think I totally missed seeing these over on the box swap thread. (There is so much crafty goodness in each box; you can’t help missing a few things!)

I love both of the embellishments you found. What a clever idea to stick one to a photo clipboard! And I would wear that necklace all summer long. It’s very cool!

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These are perfect for a beach lover! Attaching a charm to the little clipboard is a clever and effective move. I’ll have to remember that!

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The clipboard charm is genius! These are both very cute!

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