Little Black Witchy Kitty

@gozer sent me some faux fur yarn that she had leftover from a project and I instantly wanted to use it. It was so soft and fuzzy that I couldn’t resist. After lots of searching online I couldn’t figure out what to do with it so I decided to try to make a cat. I grabbed my chonkiest crochet hook and started hooking. Pretty soon, I had a kitty head, but didn’t have enough for a body. The head looked a little too plain and lonely, so I made a little crochet witch hat for his/her head. I think it’ll be a perfect little decoration for Halloween! The best thing about the furry yarn is that it easily hid the stitches holding on the hat and whiskers which was a real bonus.


I love this! so adorable

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You used it! Lol! I know that is the softest kitty decoration as well as cutest. I love the hat and whiskers. Its purr-fect for Halloween.

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So cute!

How fun! So rewarding when you send something along that is appreciated this way. Such a cute kitty!

This is absolutely adorable! It’s like that yarn was created just for this project.

This is the best! It’s just perfect!

Congrats! Your Little Black Witchy Kitty is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Oh this is so cute!

So cute and festive!