Little Forest House for Granddaughter

Granddaughter 's 2 year birthday and no idea what to get, especially since her birthday is the first week of January and Christmas was hard enough. I had picked up these forest friends, but their house was just too plasticy and hard. So I made one. No pattern, I made it way too hard for myself, and it turned out pretty good. She’s 2, she’ll love it.


This is amazing. I would love to play with that house and animals.

My goodness this looks like fun to play with. And it’s adorable!

That’s adorable!

How absolutely adorable! I love that she can keep them in there and carry it around and it’ll be lighter than any plastic house would be too.

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Cool, cute and CLEVER!!

Bet she loves it!!! So cute!

How fun!

So stinking cute!!! Very clever, and a much nicer toy for a little one, I’m sure.

Squee!!! How freaking precious!!!