Little Stamps "Seals"

Oh, this is such a cool idea!

What an awesome use of scraps! Heck yeah Friend.

Thanks, y’all!

How neat! Such a great idea.

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I like this idea!
And you made such goodness galore.

Thanks so much!

I hate throwing out things that I just KNOW I will put to use. love your circles and love how they’re stored

It’s not hoarding if you can make something out of it!!! It’s NOT!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: And thank you! My friend made me that box.


These are wonderful. Love your stamp selection!

Congrats! Your Little Stamp Seals are one of this week’s featured projects. You are rocking it!

Whoa horsey! THANKS!

Great way to use up your scraps!

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Super cool idea! You could even get a larger or smaller circle than your scalloped circle and do a cool layering effect too for tags to attach to things. I’ve done that before and it looks pretty cool.


So clever! Thanks for the inspiration.:grinning:

Thanks so much, y’all!

Very clever! An alternate use for scraps–if you cut them into triangles, you can wrap them over wire and make the coolest paper beads. Not my craft, but something I read a very long time ago. It makes a tapered bead that can then be sealed and strung on silk or wire. My brain sequestered the idea when I was researching holiday garlands for a miniature tree.

Thanks, @Etaoin! Almost all my paper is cardstock, I wonder if that works for such tightly rolled things? Maybe I’ll give it a try some day!

It should, but you might need to spritz them lightly with water or alcohol first to soften them a little.

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Wow! This is a great idea, I absolutely going to do it now, thank you!! :heart:

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Aw, thanks! I hope you share your version!