Llama Tea Towel

I am on a llama kick! I made this for another friend. I hope it makes her as happy as a llama jumping over flowers on a sunny day.


So cute. The expression of the lama is perfect. It looks so proud of its self!


Love the flowers in her hair and little kerchief!

That’s adorable! He really does look utterly content.

So sweet! Loving the llamas!

Aah cuutte!

So cute! I have no doubt she will love it!

Cute! May we all have theself-confidence of this llama!

Too cute!!!

What a cute design!

Just don’t get kicked by a llama. :wink:

I like how sprightly it is, with its flower crown. I like how you did the sun, too, in the different shades.

It’s fun how llamas are a “thing” now. When dd#2 was 4 (so…mathing… 9 yrs ago), we used to drive by a field with llamas to take her sister to school. One day she finally noticed them or something (although I’m sure we had pointed them out before??) and said, “I saw! I saw! An ANIMAL! It was looking at me!”
“Yes, that’s a llama,” I answered.
“Is the front a llama and the back is not a llama?”

This conversation went on and on and got more and more absurd, but ever since then we’re always keeping our eyes out for llamas and llama things. And it seems like they’re everywhere just in the last couple of years!

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Love it love it love it!!!

this is soooooo cute!! <3 it!