Look What I scored at the thrift store

I got this kit for three bucks. It reminds me of my childhood. I’m taking the grandkids to Disney Land this summer. I’m going to keep the kit intact but just make a pattern from it. Three sizes it says. Me and the g-kids will be rockin some retro ears. Hopefully the virus outbreak will be over by then.


oh goodness…I remember sitting in front of the TV and watching the Mickey Mouse Club with similar ears! Those are a bit more fancy then the ones I had…you will have fun with the grandkids!

That is SO cool!


Cool!!! Hope you can go and have a blast wearing them. Good idea to keep the kit intact and just make a pattern from it.

How much fun is this!!?? What a fund!

Maybe more peeps will wash their paws by then.

This is AMAZING!!!

Can’t wait to see your finished products :smiley:

Great find!! I love vintage Disney stuff. I hope your trip pans out! We rescheduled our May trip for November…

What a great find! And so nice that it was found by someone who could make a pattern to keep the kit intact!