Looking For Help To Recreate An Item From Photos


Recently Markiplier had a sale for a really nice hooded cloak (the Elements cloak) on his site, Cloakbrand. They sold out very quickly. There are still pictures on the site that I would be willing to post a link to if it’s allowed.

What I would like to do is recreate this cloak for myself as best I can. What I’m not good at is designing things myself. >.< If anyone would be willing to help me with this I would be eternally grateful.


I used to do historical reenactment (the 600s to the 1600s) and have worked from many a picture to recreate a garment.

The Elements cloak looks to be a circle cloak with an inset hood.


I googled “circle cloak inset hood free pattern” and found loads of instructions and assembly videos :).


It’s much easier when you know what a thing is called!

Well, it’s not quite a circle (the sides are straight), but I guess I can try.

I took a look, it doesn’t have straight sides, it is an oval folded in half. Pretty much the same thing as a circle, the assembly instructions would be very similar.


@Magpie I agree, oval shape with @Bajita correct terminology to find free patterns.

Good luck, @nuuriell! Can’t wait to see what you make!

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