Lucky You Cross Stitch Tray

For the Scavenger Hunt swap one of the themes was “lucky” . I got these awesome cross stitch trays awhile ago and decided to stitch a four leaf clover and “lucky you” on it. The tray snaps together.

The tray unsnapped.


That’s so neat! And the clover is super cute.

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Adorable. I like that you can unsnap it to empty it. :slight_smile:

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Oooo! I have never seen one of these trays! I am super intrigued! And I do love a little four-leaf clover image so this is ticking a couple boxes for me. Ya’ nailed it!

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I love the clover and am always intrigued by things that transform.

I’m asking myself…
Do I need a tray like this?
What would I put in it?
What would I make it from?

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What a cool project!

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How clever!

What a cool idea! Lovely execution!

What a unique project! Of course, your lovely stitching makes it…

That’s really neat-o. Is it fiber aida or plastic? It looks so smooth & kinda shiny…

Thanks all! It is plastic but pliable. It is like a thick netting.

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So pretty and such a cool and useful design! Now I want to get my snaps out again to play!

:unicorn: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :gift_heart:

Oh wow! Thanks!

What a great theme! I love the design potential of these trays!

I didn’t even know cross stitch trays were a thing, but now that I do, I love them!

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I love this…and thanks to you, I now have one as well :slight_smile:

And I finished working on the blank cross stitch tray that @kittykill sent my way!


Oh my goodness! That is adorable! It turned out super cute!

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