Magpie's Scrappy Bead Class SU: 9/11-9/22 Class on 9/25

I use glue to hold the paper onto my hexies, hold down the folds of tiny hexies, and all sorts of sewing. I don’t have enough hands to hold everything in a good way! I also use bees wax on my threads to keep them smooth and not tangle as much, but I still get knots sometimes…plus, I know I thread a much longer strand because I hate threading needles with my poor eyesight! I wear my special goggles, but not in zoom! lol

I am still watching Star Trek before Netflix pulls it from their network, so I made two more beads!

I did the blanket stitch on the dark purple one…I really like it because I am comfortable with that stitch but it does make for a less rigid edge…practice, practice, practice.


I agree @Magpie was an excellent instructor. Loved all the “insider” tips and tricks. Really elevated the class beyond just making fabric beads. I feel bad for whoever has to follow that act. :sweat_smile:


You are too funny @Abbeeroad :rofl:
I can’t wait to be in your class! I’m trying to decide on fabric, it’s impossible.

Linda, your second set is marvelous & the blanket stitch looks so much nicer than mine, lol.


Thanks…but how does one stop?..ahem, 2 am here and still making beads…lol


I’ve just ordered a load of needle threaders on AliExpress. I used to use long thread too. But embarrassingly recently learned that shorter lengths=significantly less thread knots. I think it’s something to do with the thread becoming fluffier the more it passes through fabric. That and learning that there is a correct “end” of thread to pass through the needle.

I love your beads @AIMR they are so neat and well done.

@magpie seconding a sewing tips/videos thread (ha! No pun intended)


I started a thread for hand sewing tips & tricks here!

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Well, I began in about the same place as everyone else, but then started wandering off-script…


Nice! Using just felt for the background is a great way to feature lovely shades of natural fiber. It might not be quite as pretty or stable in acrylic felt. I think by the look of yours that it’s good quality100 % wool? If not, wow. It looks great even with craft felt!

These are all so beautiful! I can’t wait to watch the recording and give it a try.

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I only made it to 29 minutes into the recording so far… can probably finish tonight though :slight_smile: I was itching to go shopping yesterday and convinced the little one to go with me (as if he had a choice… ha). He was so patient while Mommy looked at nearly everything in the craft store :sweat_smile: took me forever since they re-designed but I found the remnant section and bought a roll of felt, as if I’m going to be making beads my new life’s passion. LOL nearly a yard of beautiful deep purple :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: At the end of the trip the kiddo earned a treat, Joann’s took most of my money, and I have supplies to make/finish a few projects :partying_face:

I’m going to my mom’s today and I’m excited to show her the beads I’ve made so far. She and I have mostly different craft hobbies but we do share an enjoyment of hand sewing so I might get her into making beads too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It was a lovely class with lots of tips! And gorgeous results. Thank you so much.

I made up a little pile of bead starters and then watched some movies. Bead time.


I love the vertical stitching! Beautiful and colorful bunch…great seeing you as well! :heart_eyes:

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My only regret is not being able to see everybody during the class. I was concentrating on my hands to make sure they were in frame & mostly in focus. I’m so happy to see everybody’s beads! Thank you all so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Craft felt here, tho I do use mostly the by-the-bolt eco-felt which tends to be nicer & thicker than the craft rectangles. But since I have a giant jar of woven fabric scraps & an almost-as-big jar of colored felt scraps, this is where I ended up…


I use wool felt for most things, but I have a bunch of craft felt that work well with these beads. I realized that two of the beads I made were actual batting scraps, and not felt…no wonder my knots kept pulling through…too loose!

I am so happy to be able to use up the tiny scraps of felt and fabric…but, I would have to make a zillion beads…lol


I caught up and finished the video! :mortar_board:

Thank you @Magpie for teaching! :heart: I think it was a great class, great idea to make a larger version bead for the teaching, the split screen was great and all the important techniques were easy to see. I’m glad I watched it even though I felt pretty confident after reading the PDF. Seeing you demonstrate and explain things on video was much clearer and I really appreciate everything.

Thank you @kittykill for organizing and recording :heart: I really wouldn’t have been able to make it otherwise :kissing_heart: I also think if I had watched it live I would have been distracted by my household and would have missed things! I love having the ability to pause, rewind, etc!

And thank you to the LC community for trying something new, I think these classes are going to be really awesome going forward (they already are!) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@thanate, I used off the roll felt as well , it seems stronger than the sheets & it’s smoother as well.

Yay, @Reinikka! So glad you enjoyed the video. I’m excited to see what you made, I hope you’ll show off your work :slight_smile:

I have a new purpose in life…lol…


They look great, you’re on a roll!

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Wow, those are just lovely. Any plans for them?