Making the Butter of the Cashews

Needed some more Cashew Butter and decided to document it for fun.

When I first started doing this, I would use only a half a cup of nuts or so until I worked out how my mixer blender would do the job. I learned it needed a bit of oil to enable a paste to form, and added the oil very small amounts at a time.
Now I know it can process this amount if I’m stopping and starting, and not letting it over heat, and take a moment here and there to shake or stir the nuts from the top to the bottom so they’re all done mostly evenly.
Cashew Butter Process1G
400gm whole roasted and salted cashews emptied into a mesh strainer over a bowl to shake out the salt (unsalted are not always available)

Cashew Butter Process2G
Cashews minus excess salt in stick blender/ chopper bowl
Just under 1/4 cup vegetable oil
Process until the consistency you want. Play with the way your mixer works to get it to do the job you want. Don’t over do the oil addition, although depending on dryness of nuts, might need to add a bit more oil, or stir the nuts about a bit to get them to move from top to bottom of bowl for blending.

Cashew Butter Process3G
Nuts are done! Takes less than 5 minutes from getting the items from the pantry and getting set up to finished now. The volume of nuts reduces to this when made into a paste.

Cashew Butter Process4G
The containers are 300ml and are filled to just under that, so roughly 500ml in total.

It’s amazing how hot the paste gets while being blended! I always let it sit in the fridge to cool before using it in anything as the flavour is not at it’s best straight away. It never lasts longer than 2 weeks in my fridge, it’s eaten by the spoonful as a snack, as a spread on bread/toast, used in a variety of meal dishes, then of course, there’s the Cashew Butter Biscuits which are just so yummy.


Thanks for sharing your technique.


Awesome! I have some almond/cashew butter with maple that I’m currently loving with my banana every day. Do you ever add flavoring to your home made version?

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Actually, no, I haven’t added anything to it, I do add it to other things though.
I don’t know what I’d put in it though because I have to keep sugar/ carbs down, but if that wasn’t an issue, then sure there would be some yummy syrups to add I expect.

I normally buy cashew and almond butters by the tub. I had no idea it was relatively simple to make!

Can water be added to this to make the milks? That is what I normally do with mine–add it to shakes with water to make drinks.

Thanks for sharing…it is getting easier to find all the nuts with less salt now, which is good for both keeping blood sugar and blood pressure down!

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Incredible! I’ve processed almonds & other nuts into a rough sort of flour for baking but didn’t think butters were possible with a home machine. I will try with cashews, they’re not really a nut so the texture is different.

Cashew cream is very easy if you soak raw cashews for a few hours first, then rinse & blend with fresh water. They don’t leave any grit to be strained out like other nuts do.


The ones I purchase have no oil (except the nut oil) or preservatives but are pricey. I could experiment and if they are not as smooth, there is always baking with it! Thanks!

Joi Cashew Butter I buy

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We buy nut butters made of just nuts too. Sometimes there is added salt or sugar but I don’t choose those ones. There’s never extra oil, I have read you really need that to get it creamy if making at home. You can get a relatively inexpensive nut butter machine but I just don’t want any more kitchen gear to store :stuck_out_tongue:

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I get that! Kitchen space is a premium! I have a regular blender and a food processor…it might be worth trying for baking and save my purchased smooth butters for my drinks.

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They can’t be roasted for creme or mylk.
They actually do not need to be treated to make them edible, it’s the shell they come inside that’s caustic. Usually they are boiled or steamed to get the cashew out so they aren’t really “raw”, just unroasted.
I used to work in the raw-vegan industry & know entirely too much about cashews, lol. Did you know they are part of a delicate fruit that’s only consumed where it grows because it can’t be shipped? One day I hope to visit Brazil & try that fruit!


The raw vegans would spend a lot of money to buy cashews that were truly raw so I know it can be done. The “shell” is caustic so it’s usually removed with heat, which makes the cashew technically not raw. So my understanding is that it’s only the outer coating that requires special treatment, the cashew itself does not.

The purpose of this posting was for the sharing of my technique for making Cashew Butter, not for semantics.
Let’s leave it at that, eh.