Mall Pretzels

I love Schitts Creek and this is one of my favorite lines. I can so relate. No one should feel shame about the mall pretzels. I just finished it and need to figure out if I want to frame it or turn it into a pin cushion.


The show is pretty amazing. I didn’t know anything about it until after it had already aired it’s final episode. My hubby and I binged it in less than a week… Twice!

Great cross stitch work! This makes me happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS - My absolute favorite bit is the end of S3E11, during the Moira’s Rose’s Garden. “What does 4856 mean?” “Oh, those are the last four digits of your fathers credit card.” Idk why, but I lose it every time. Like, giggling until I hiccup and tears. What’s your favorite bit?


I JUST finished this series. SO great. I love everything David. :laughing:

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David is a total mood


This turned out great! There are so many great lines from that show, but this is one of the best.