Maple Princess Cake

When a friend posted a few weeks ago that she was making a maple princess cake, I googled it and immediately knew it would be my birthday cake. The hard part was waiting…

I think I found the cake for the rest of my birthdays. :laughing:


It looks delicious! Great choice for a cake! Happy belated birthday!

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That looks amazing! Which did you use, mace or nutmeg?

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That looks soooo good!

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Wow this sounds amazing!! Happy you day!

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I almost didn’t read the recipe - the word ‘coffee’ almost stopped me.
Glad I read on as, I think, there is no coffee in it!
I thinki have everything but the pecans in the cupboard, so I might just give this a try.

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Ditto, but there is no coffee in it -fortunately!


@Edel, I used nutmeg, but I actually cut down on that and replaced most of it with cinnamon.

Correct! Coffee cake does not actaually have coffee in it. I’m pretty sure the name ‘coffee cake’ is just a broad term for a cake or sweet bread that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee.

This is another case of the English language not translating well, across the pond.
This side of the pond, coffee cake usually does contain coffee.
A really common flavour combo is coffee and walnut.

I have never heard of that but it looks DECADENT.