Mask Merit Badge V2: For the Makers

After I made my “survivor” Adult Merit Badge, I knew I had to make more of these mini masked badges. This time, I made them for all the crafters tirelessly making masks. These three were sent off to @MistressJennie, @jillybeans (for winning Round 3 of the Lettuce Help Our Communities Challenge) and @Magpie. I also sent one off to @AIMR but looks like I didn’t manage to get a pic. I hope these have all been received and I’m not ruining any surprises, but I honestly have no idea on their status and couldn’t wait any longer to post, so here goes!

After some group discussion on the survivor badge, I DID make the masks on these removable just for fun!

And one more for size reference.

Thanks for looking!


Probably just as well you didn’t make the survivor one removable, as my kid would have wandered off with it & I would never have seen it again! :wink:

These are great! :green_heart:


I love everything about these - the fabric choices, the teeny masks…and the fact that they’re removable?
*swoon *


I got mine on Monday and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you so much! They are all so lovely and I feel so honored to receive one! <3 My kids keep trying to sneak off with the tiny mask! lol

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lol! That’s exactly the struggle I am currently having! The girls want to steal the tiny mask for their dolls.


I love mine!


Ooh, I am so happy one is coming my way! Thank you so much sweetie :heart:. It’s so extra special that you used the mask pattern I drafted, it’s like 2 badges in one!


Thank you so much! I love mine and the tiny mask is just the cutest little thing! Now that someone has mentioned dolls, I am going to have to see if it fits my Barbies!

Here is mine:


These badges are MAGNIFICENT!


These are so cute!!

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I like the variety of fabrics used and that the tiny masks are held on with snaps. What are these on?

Thanks all!

The backs of these are a heavier duck-type or canvas cloth with a layer of batting. The scrappy backgrounds are just pieces sewn together to make a square, then cut to shape. I just blanket stitch it all together. I’ll try to get process pics sometime. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Yes, if you have IP pics, that would be great.

These mini masks slay! What a memento of the year.


These are great!

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