Masks are Fashionable, right?

Couldn’t decide if this would go into fashion or sewing…but then I decided masks are fashionable…right? I love masks. I wanna wear them in public always. Lol

I had the fabric above that I fell in love with. I had no use for it yet then realized I really need some new masks!! I made the one above and this one:

The elastic I have is thick and annoying for masks so I cut some off some disposable masks I had and voila!

I used the pattern by Craft Passion.

I know this is barely a project nowadays but man…my sewing skills are waaaay better than they were last spring. I had made some masks last spring and soon as they were widely available I only bought them since mine were so wonky and not that comfy. I was impressed to see how far my skills have come just from the little bit of projects I’ve been doing lately.


Love that first fabric. Smart idea for the elastic.


So fashionable! Excellent fabrics for Spring!


These are amazing!


So pretty! Masks are definitely fashionable now. :wink:


They can be a fashion statement on their own and I think that the handmade ones are so much cooler. Love your fabric choices. The bottom one is perfect for Spring!


Those are great looking fashion accessories for the face! I am a bit swoony over that first print.

This is me. I find myself feeling a bit sorry for people wearing storebought masks, like poor things can’t sew or even know someone who can.


Hahaha! So true. I put on my handmade one sand think, “I’m cooler than you” to people in plain masks. Ha!

That fabric is gorgeous…and it does make mask wearing more palatable when they are at least more comfortable…

I am hoping for a future of minimal mask-wearing…I will probably wear one when I am ill or during flu and cold season the rest of my life now…but I am torn between someday using the fabrics from the mask to make some sort of memorial quilt or burning them!

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Love those fabrics!

I so agree with you. I love accessorizing my masks with what I am wearing - and the disposable masks just don’t look good at all - besides having to be disposed of and adding to our rubbish problems.

They are beautiful!

Same! I hope they stick around (for these reasons).


You’re the first person I’ve ever heard say this :flushed:

Burn them! The last thing I want to remember is mask wearing.