Massive Addition to The Collection

I have this weird collection. It’s foreign toothpaste tubes. :thinking: I’m lucky that not only have I gotten to collect tubes from my own trips abroad, but several folks get enough of a kick out of this collection that I get sent tubes from all around!

Six of those shadowboxes are new to The Collection and this is the biggest addition at one time I’ve ever been able to make. WOO! There are now only a few stragglers left to display (until I get more, of course)! They decorate our upstairs hall bathroom along with many others and it’s not easy to get a decent pic in a small room like that! Especially with the reflections on the glass/acrylic.


Here are some close ups of a few of the new ones.




And I finally got enough “oddballs” together to do a full shadowbox! It includes:

~A second place ribbon for the Dental Health Poster Contest in 4th Grade in 1968 earned by my friend, Libby
~Toothpowder from Ireland
~Two kinds of denture adhesive my MIL thought were toothpaste on her last overseas trip



What a wacky collection! Looks like most of the tubes are empty; do you use them before displaying, or are they empty when you get them?

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Do you have one from South Korea? I might be able to enable your habit :grin:

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Hahaha these are amazing! I wish I’d known about this when I was still in Japan!

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I just laughed out loud about the dental hygiene poster ribbon. The whole process of how that ribbon got made and distributed in the first place (for second place, no less), and that your friend still had it to share with you…so great.

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There is only one that is not empty, one of the tiny ones, and that is because it hardened up inside the tube before I got around to emptying & mounting it. Most get used, but some just get tried, then emptied depending on what they taste like and if they were made in a country with a history of poisoned toothpaste.

Ooooo! I got one in Paraguay that was manufactured in “Korea.” Meaning, it was labeled that way, which presumably means South Korea.

Japan has some very nifty toothpaste! I have a few and have never received a duplicate!

Haha! Well, it’s “dental health poster” and she grew up to be an artist and art teacher, so… but YES! Isn’t it wonderful that she had it and that she gave it to me? We met on c-ster, too.


Oh, you know I love this. So much.


Not sure I would try “Angola” toothpaste…but fun collection!

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Weird, right? Especially odd name as it was made in China and purchased in Afghanistan. China has had a few issues with poison in toothpaste tubes exported, so I generally don’t use those.

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This made me smile a lot today! Love how you have them displayed and where they hang now. And of course I am now thinking “next time I travel…”


I love the descriptions beside the toothpaste. It reminds me of the bug specimens.

That was kinda the idea! I went on my memories of the old OMSI location’s “rock room” from my childhood. Just kinda old school museum collection.

What an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing your display!

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I love your collection! I order my toothpaste from Japan; I’ll need to remember you when the tube is empty.


Thanks so much!