Matchbox Swap

Already postponed :grin:

A couple peeps voted on 2 options, and the matchbox swap won!

I thought Matchbox was more like an Altered Tin swap? But turns out, it’s just a wee box stuffed to the brim! So this might be a fun, weekend swap.

Matchbox swap:
Details of swap:

Find a matchbox that holds between 30-40 wooden matches and fill it as full as you possibly can with tiny supplies and/or crafts. You’ll be amazed by how much you can fit in it! You can put anything you want in it, as long as it is craft related.

Supplies such as beads, paper, ephemera, postage stamps, brads, buttons, fibers, embellishments, stamped images, stamps, ribbons, stickers, foam shapes, fake flowers.

Handmade goodies such as, earrings, magnets, a necklace, charms, pins.

If it fits and can be used in a craft, or is a craft it’s fair game. You can have 1 or 2 partners – you will decorate a matchbox for each partner, and you will receive a matchbox from each partner. One suggestion would be to stalk your partner and decorate the matchbox to their likes and dislikes but if you have an idea in your head already, decorate away. Just as long as you decorate and cram as much into the box as you can all will be good.

This swap is meant to be a quick, easy, and cheap swap so no extras, if it doesn’t fit in the box do not send it , unless you and your partner agree to personal swap at the same time. “Decorations and wrapping” are allowed. !

You can also make your own “matchbox” as long as it is the appropriate size. Here’s one template you could use:

Unbelievable, but that link still works!

Round 3 gallery

Round 5 gallery

And apparently, there were themed matchbox swaps as well (e.g. “Wicked Forest”). What are your thoughts? Would you like it themed? A quick, weekend swap? Or after partners, sendout in 2 weeks?

Finally, what dates work best for you? There are quite a few swaps open so we can also push out a ways - the end of May/early June?


Reserved, because you never know.

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@Annchen @bluebird @Lynx2Lancer @mellybelly81

Your votes won!


I would love to do this, but I’d prefer a couple weeks crafting time. I live a little ways from stores and sometimes it’s hard to fit into my schedule to get to one, although I’m sure I have things at home already that would work!

I just sent out my last big swap, and so I’m pretty open for whatever works for everyone else.

This seems kinda like the “fill a box” or the new “easter egg swap” and those were fun.

I don’t care if it is themed, but a fun (albeit more work for organizing) theme if we got enough interest could be a “secret detective” style where you don’t know who sends to you and you try to guess (those swaps were fun!).

(@GeekyBookworm this was the swap idea I was telling you about.)


I would also like a longer swap time. I like stalking… ahem… researching my partner. Also I have kids’ sport on weekends, so one might not be enough, even for such a small swap.

Timing-wise, I have no worries about when, but if I am going to be able to particpate, there might need to be checks made to see if the sender’s country is sending to Australia.


Sure, we can do 3 weeks crafting.

Oh yeah, this was just done - twice! I don’t want to saturate the market with so many of the same.

I just checked and as of right now it’s still suspended from the US (unless someone knows differently?).

Maybe we’ll just postpone to later this year and see where we are. And this is why new-swap-ideas is good! Thanks ya’ll!


I would participate, but I agree about needing more than one weekend. Life happens and you never know.


Well, ok then, I guess I’ll keep an eye out for when this comes back up…

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I would absolutely be interested in this when it pops up.

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From the Australia Post Website:
United States of America
The US Postal Service (USPS) has resumed mail services to Australia, commencing on 11 March 2022.



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Huh. The USPS site is saying it’s suspended

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If you read the *, it says that Australian service disruption affects Priority Mail International, International Priority Airmail M-Bags, International Surface Air Lift M-Bags, and Airmail M-Bags.
Do those things mean anything to you? Do you have to send Priority to sent to the US? and I have no idea what an M-Bag is.
Or does that mean that all packages are suspended, but not letters?

Ah, okay. Gotcha.

I think thats what you can’t send from US to Australia

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@JoyfulClover @mellybelly81
I did just receive a package from CO, USA yesterday, which was shipped on April 8 :hugs:
So that makes it super speedy too!


Ah, okay, cool! Thank you for posting!