Mini bureau and kit

I drafted this one myself and made it to match the ladies Secretary I made last summer. I also pre-cut and labeled all the pieces needed and made a kit that will make this bureau. The kit will be offered as a raffle prize this season in the Nerd Games!

Oh, and the drawers do open. I normally photograph that but I forgot to this time.


Sweet! I love that you’re sharing!

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You miniature game is on point!

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You sure are talented and must have good eyesight! :laughing:

I loved the secretary but this little bureau is just so darn cute!

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Thank you! @AIMR I Have horrible eyesight. But I DO have a magnifier and tweezers. :wink:

Really? There is hope for me then…lol

I am still in awe that the drawers open…I can’t even get them right on a big scale…now that is attention to detail and ups the squeal factor when someone sees this in real life!

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Whenever possible, I like my minis to be somewhat functional- mainly doors and drawers that open. It’s definitely a lot more work, though.

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Fantastic! There is something about a mini that actually works that makes it so much niftier! Like an actual miniature version of a thing vs. essentially a 3D photo of a thing.


You make such amazing miniatures!

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Thanks, Everyone!

I totally agree, @TheMistressT!

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