Mini faceless “painting” with display easel

My niece sent me this photo from her first Mother’s Day and my daughter and I made this personalized (belated) gift. My daughter created the faceless image by tracing over the original photo using some sort of stylus pen and a program on her iPad. I printed the image on card stock using a laser printer and painted the protective finish on top. The paper curled up when it got wet but I was able to flatten it out once it dried.

I found the easel and push pin clips at the dollar store. I sandwiched a small piece of scrap leather between the easel and the push pin, otherwise the pin would come through the back of the easel (we learn from our mistakes :joy:). We are dropping it off tomorrow. Happy Belated First Mother’s Day, Tiffany!


Love, love, love. Very tender gift. And each dot is mind boggling!


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Thank you! Those dots gave her the most grief…she’s still talking about them. :joy:

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Many of my crafts are repetitive - some I find absolutely soothing, some anger inducing. A lot of moments wondering what I was thinking.

The final piece is so polished, though. I hope she feels it was worth it!

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Oh my goodness, I love this! What a lovely gift! And how awesome that this was a collaboration!

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What a wonderful gift and memory for your niece! And they’re adorable in their coordinating dotted outfits!

So thoughtful and precious. What a treasure!

What a nice gift! The dots! WOW!