Miniature design studio

This was a fiddly little one-not as bad as some I’ve done, but absorbing nonetheless. I like the contemporary lines of it. I particularly like the lampshade. These are cleverly designed kits


This is so sweet!

I love this!! Either you or someone else had posted these projects before and it had inspired me to put a kit on my Christmas wishlist. :crossed_fingers:Fingers crossed I’ll get it!

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That is pretty dang adorable!

Ooh, this is a really lovely one!

Love that the walls are missing pieces, that makes it more interesting.

Such a wonderful wee little world!

Probably me, I have a bit of an obsession with them at the moment. This was kit number 9 and I’ve just finished number 10

With 4 more on my shelf to do.


I’d love to see a picture of them all together! Or how you have them displayed.

This is really neat. I think this one may be my favorite. The patience this takes astounds me.

I wouldI love to see you make a csi scene using one of these kits.

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Right now they are all crammed onto a shelf in my craft-room as I’ll be packing and moving soon. There an antique furniture shop near where I’m moving and they have an old grandfather clock case, without the clock. If it’s still there when I move I am going to buy it. Install glass shelves and display them there

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Another winner! This one in particular is one that I would love to inhabit, at least for a long afternoon of making. I LOVE the grandfather clock case idea! That will be a real showpiece.

I love these so much! You are becoming an expert.

These look like SO MUCH WORK! All those tiny pieces and details. Whew. They are so cool to look at!

I keep vacillating about it, but I think it would look good. I’ve let the fates decide, if it’s there, I’m going to get it.

@Mixed_pibbles you’ve made me think. Maybe not a csi scene, but it would be cool to populate these. I’ve been thinking of making some small art dolls, and it would be pretty cool to make them for these rooms.

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Oh wow, amazing! Love the light fixtures and the details are just incredible.