Miniature hobo house, this is number 7

I really love this one, it’s cute and funky. I didn’t alter it at all from the original. And while it looks complicated, it was one of the less fiddly ones to do. The stove was a little fiddly but the rest was fairly easy.

Lots moar photos

No idea why the TV should be one the outside, and I messed it up a little.

Before I put on the side so I could get a good shot of the interior


I like the funky shape of this one. So stinking cute!

Me too, a couple of bits didn’t fit as snugly as they should, but it works with the over all vibe of the place

Very cute!

I wish I could move in!

I love the chimney pipe! This is adorable

I always wanted to make a real life greenhouse or studio out of used windows, this is cool!

So freakin’ adorable.

Very cute!

I always wanted a house/room/shed like this. Great job.

It reminds me of Harry Potter with all those windows.

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Me too!!

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It’s adorable! I could imagine this being my she-shed… if I didn’t already have a whole house that is basically my she-shed :slight_smile:

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I love seeing your miniatures! Soon you’ll have an entire miniature village!

The cat door!! I love the attention to detail with this house—- the front stoop really holds my heart, but the interior is just as gorgeous. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s so cute, I love the colors of the windows :blue_heart::green_heart:

I think this is my favorite one yet! So cool!

This feels like you. I love it.