Minky dress

My minky dress deserves a separate thread, but discord friends have already seen it. This dress is the best for hanging out at home. I drafted the pattern myself.

And a picture of the zipper which is my favourite detail:


It looks great. And super comfy! :heart:

So cozy! As someone who typically is in my pjs if I’m at home, this looks a treat!

That has to be the most comfortable dress ever. What a clever idea to use that fabric.

How do you keep from petting yourself? My hands would be forever stroking that soft, cuddly fabric. Bet you get a lot of hugs & snuggles wearing that :kissing_heart:!

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This is fantastic! I love the fabric, the color, everything!

Oh how comfy this looks! And you look stunning in it. Self drafted – double WOW!

I’m not a super skilled pattern maker, but I can do basic stuff like skirts and simple tops. This pattern is just a sweater, but with added length and added width at the shoulder (I don’t know the proper terms in English, the shoulders are hanging off). The collar is a little lower at the front for comfort, I didn’t want it to touch my chin.

Ha, makes me want to give you the biggest hug ever! I can just imagine how soft it is

Minky! I bet you never want to take it off!

It certainly looks like a great thing to use at home, it has to be so comfy! Great job, I think it’s well put together.