MistressJennie’s Beaded Bracelet Tutorial - May 2020 Fashion Contest Entry

Great tutorial! Same directions would work for necklaces, too–just make them longer.

I’ve never used wire guards either; they give a nice visual weight to the clasp attachment, instead of seeing the purely functional wire. I bet they’d be really good for more fragile stringing materials like silk cord, to prevent fraying.

Just a note; big beads require a longer bracelet. I’ll bet there’s a formula…hmmm, let’s see…GOOD NEWS: MATH AHEAD!

I wrote six paragraphs about figuring the average diameter of your wrist and Pi and stuff, but realized the final equation could be simplified to

Wrist measurement + (diameter of bead x 3) + 1/2" ease = length of bracelet .

[NerdNote: That 3 represents a simplification of pi]

My wrist is 7" ( no wonder I make my own bracelets), and I’m using 1/2" ( .5" ) beads.
7" + 1 .5" ( .5 x 3) +.5" ease = 9" long bracelet .

For 1" beads…
7+3+.5=10.5" bracelet .

If you’re using several sizes of beads, use the diameter of the largest beads for this calculation.

Final note: your computer, tablet, and phone all have calculators to make your life easier.



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