Mola Mola resin necklace

Just finished this guy! I love Ocean Sunfish! Ever since I saw them at the aquarium I was obsessed. Mind blown.
I sculpted this guy in polymer clay, made a mold of it, then cast it in resin. I’m totally gonna make earings too.

I have some other super cool guys curing. I hope they turn out! This one was a single layer so It only took 24 hours to cure.

Thanks for looking!


Niiice! I like those weird fish too. They are unbelievable, how can anything be that big? And those tiny fins? Whaaaattt?


I recognized this fish as soon as I saw the thumbnail of it! They are so weird looking. I like the added sparkles. Did you use a bead for the eye?

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Nope I just used a paint marker to fill it in before pouring the resin. :slight_smile: I’m glad others know what it is.

Nice! Thanks for telling how you did the eye. I would never have thought of that.

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How fun!! I love sunfish too! This is so cute :slight_smile:

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I love him! These fish are so cool!

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Great job! You’ve been doing come cool stuff with this technique!

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