Mom series continued

I’m continuing the mom series. Here’s three more

Kitty from That 70’s Show

Moira Rose from Schitts Creek

And Fran Sinclair from Dinosaurs


All super cute!


Kitty has me lol-ing!

Oh! Oh! If you’re going to do a not-the-mama series, please do Earl Sinclair!

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He’ll definitely be in the fathers series for Father’s Day that I will attempt


Thank you :blush:

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I have soooo enjoyed your entire Mom series. Tiny little amazing art.

Omg. They keep getting better! Best ones yet. :heart:

hahahah! Dinosaurs! That one caught me off guard. Beautifully done! Especially Kitty!

:bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: Ring-a-ding-ding! Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS! :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell:


:blush::blush::blush::blush: Awesome!!!

I love these so much :heart:

I know the exact scene the Kitty painting came from, and I love it!!! “this place uses too much ice!” lol

And Fran was a major part of my childhood :heart: I watched “Familia Dinosauro” in Brazil… in Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I love how much detail you put into these tiny paintigs; the control you have is admirable. Thank you for sharing your art with us :blush:

These are awesome!!

Amazing! I love these and you did such a good job. So talented!!

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OMG, Kitty is amaaaaaazing! She is probably my favorite sitcom mom ever. Love the painting!

These are so wonderful. I just finished watching Schitt’s Creek, for the first time ever! I LOVE that show. I also LOVE these little paintings. <3